Arkansas' Southwest Trail


Exhibits & Materials

Preferred Trail Alignment


Draft Environmental Assessment

Draft Environmental Assessment


  • Appendix A - Preliminary Alignments and Public Involvement  A-1a   A-1b  A-2 A-3 A-4
  • Appendix B - Exhibits of Retained Alignment Options and Modified Primary Alignment Carried Forward in EA
  • Appendix C - Agency and Tribal Correspondence
  • Appendix D - Section 4(f) and 6(f) Coordination
  • Appendix E - Cultural Resources
  • Appendix F - Streams and Wetlands Assessment F-1a  F1-b
  • Appendix G - Protected Species Habitat Assessment
  • Appendix H - Prime Farmland Conversion Rating Form
  • Appendix I - Analysis of Other Actions Regarding Cumulative Impacts


Impact Exhibits

Associated Impacts


Impacts Comparison


Typical Trail Sections

Roadway with Sidepath

Pathway on Boardwalk

Shared-Use Path Along Rural, 2-Lane Roadway

Shared-Use Path Along Rural, 4-Lane Highway

Shared-Use Path Within Abandoned Railroad ROW

Shared-Use Path Along Rural, 2-Lane Roadway

Safety & Security