Arkansas' Southwest Trail


Exhibits & Materials

Please take a moment to review the project documents. Click on the images to open the materials in a new window and view the materials in greater detail. Documents for this Virtual Public Meeting include:

  1. Project Overview Map

  2. Alignment Adjustment Exhibits

  3. Summary Sheet

  4. Impact Exhibits

  5. Typical Trail Sections

  6. Draft Environmental Assessment (EA)

  7. Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).




Alignment Adjustments


Revision 1

Revision 2

Revision 3

Revision 4

Revision 5

Revision 6

Revision 7

Revision 8

Revision 9




Summary Sheet


Impact Exhibit




Typical Trail Sections

Roadway with Sidepath

Pathway on Boardwalk

Shared-Use Path Along Rural, 2-Lane Roadway

Shared-Use Path Along Rural, 4-Lane Highway

Shared-Use Path Within Abandoned Railroad ROW

Shared-Use Path Along Rural, 2-Lane Roadway




Draft Environmental Assessment
May 2020

Draft Environmental Assessment


  • Appendix A - Preliminary Alignments and Public Involvement  A-1a   A-1b  A-2 A-3 A-4
  • Appendix B - Exhibits of Retained Alignment Options and Modified Primary Alignment Carried Forward in EA
  • Appendix C - Agency and Tribal Correspondence
  • Appendix D - Section 4(f) and 6(f) Coordination
  • Appendix E - Cultural Resources
  • Appendix F - Streams and Wetlands Assessment F-1a  F1-b
  • Appendix G - Protected Species Habitat Assessment
  • Appendix H - Prime Farmland Conversion Rating Form
  • Appendix I - Analysis of Other Actions Regarding Cumulative Impacts


Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)
November 2020



  • FONSI Report
  • Appendix A - Preferred Alternative Alignment (p.15)
  • Appendix B - Public Hearing Synopsis and Disposition of Comments (p.24)
  • Appendix C - Section 4(F) / 6(F) Park Coordination (p.66)
  • Appendix D - State Historic Preseration Officer Clearance (p.89)
  • Appendix E - US Fish and Wildlife Service Consultation (p.93)


Safety & Security